Victims, Bravery, and Beating the Odds

I never understand why people living with cancer are viewed as ‘victims.’  It makes us sound so pathetic. Yup, this whole cancer thing can be scary. But a ‘victim’…… I don’t think so.

Referring to cancer patients as ‘brave’ drives me crazy too. What is that all about?  When I was in treatment, a well-intentioned, total stranger at the supermarket tearfully congratulated me for being so brave. Huh? She didn’t know anything about me other than the fact that I was bald and skinny. If I was brave that day, it was more likely for for taking two kids to the cookie aisle.

My other pet peeve: the so-called odds.  Doctors and everyone else who points to the odds are mistaken in not realizing that odds are meaningless on an individual level. Even when it’s only 2%, somebody always comes out a winner.


About A Broom of Her Own

Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life? I swept my life clean of cancer, a cheating husband, and a brain-numbing job. Yikes.
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