It’s their problem, not mine

Yesterday, I came across a bunch of pictures taken while I was bald because of chemo.  I see now that I looked kind of crazy. But back then, the bald, emaciated look felt oddly normal.

When I lost my hair, I hid under baseball caps until my 4th grade daughter begged me not to, “Mommy, you’re so beautiful when you’re bald.” Clearly, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But she had a good point; I realized I was covering up mostly for other people’s sake. Why should I have to hide under a wig or scarf on a boiling hot summer day to ease other people’s discomfort? If I don’t care that I’m bald, why should they?

I can understand why so many women opt for scarves and wigs. But sweating under a wig was my idea of hell. And being bald in a weird way, can be a call to action. Apparently, the sight of a bald mother picking her kids up at the elementary school gives other moms the heebee jeebies, “Wow, she’s got little kids, she’s fit, and she still got cancer.” Dozens of women told me they scheduled mammograms because of me. And several women later told me they started working out because they decided “If that cancer lady can do it, so can I.”

So, if you’re tired of hiding under a scarf, go for it; take it off. Baldness is a temporary state and this too shall pass. Why not be comfortable if that works for you? For sure, you’ll get your share of awkward stares and you’ll overhear people whispering, “Oh, that poor woman.”  But why should you care? It’s their problem, not yours.



About A Broom of Her Own

Are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life? I swept my life clean of cancer, a cheating husband, and a brain-numbing job. Yikes.
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