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Finally, some good news….

I love this chart! Cancer deaths are declining.  The two statistics that stand out for me are those for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma and lung cancer. The rate of decline for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma is more than 3 percent. Fantastic! Although it’s a … Continue reading

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It’s their problem, not mine

Yesterday, I came across a bunch of pictures taken while I was bald because of chemo.  I see now that I looked kind of crazy. But back then, the bald, emaciated look felt oddly normal. When I lost my hair, … Continue reading

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Do it for the kids

As part of Children’s Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Day today, my daughter and four of her friends went to Capitol Hill to lobby with Cure Search to raise awareness for children’s cancer. If a bunch of 15-year-olds can try to … Continue reading

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Get on board

I grew up living near the ocean. For me, being on the water feels like meditation. Just after I finished my treatment, one of my chemo buddies talked me into joining her in a ‘learn to row’ weekend sponsored by … Continue reading

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